by Lisa Grimaldi | October 01, 2005
Personal praise from managers and higher-ups either verbal or written is the number-one way organizations in the United States motivate employees, according to findings from a study conducted by The Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.
    Surveys were conducted during the 2005 annual meeting of the Naperville, Ill.-based National Association for Employee Recognition;
81 attendees responded. The Forum will conduct the study at three more conferences of sales, marketing and human resource professionals later this year and will release a composite of results in 2006.
    In addition to doling out praise, other effective motivators cited by survey respondents include special events (used by 83 percent of those surveyed), followed by formal company communications  via e-mail and print (78 percent), gift certificates (74 percent) and merchandise incentives (64 percent).
    Fifteen percent cited individual travel incentives, and another 15 percent use group travel to motivate.