by Sarah J.F. Braley | May 01, 2014
Meeting Professionals International and the Global Business Travel Association, which are redesigning the Certification in Meeting Management program, have revised some of the announced changes after considering concerns voiced by current holders of the designation. (Read more about the new program and those concerns at

In an April letter to the MPI community, Paul Van Deventer, left, president and CEO of the organization, outlined some of the planned changes, including:

• The program will retain the Certification in Meeting Management name and will not just be referred to by the CMM acronym.

• The criteria for the program have been revised to align better with MPI's Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards. Candidates will need to have seven to 10 years of experience in the meetings or business travel industries; three to five years of management experience, with two years of profit-and-loss responsibility; and they will have to provide a personal statement and a letter of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor.

• Each CMM candidate will be required to develop a business case, applying the course lessons learned. These cases will be scored against a pre-established standard by the CMM program faculty.

• Those who achieved the CMM before 2014 will retain the designation, which now will be supported by both MPI and GBTA.

"I'm pleased with the changes MPI made to their previous decisions," said Elizabeth Zielin­ski, CMM, an independent planner who blogs on planning for M&C. "They definitely underestimated the passion and ownership CMMs bring to their designation, and I'm hopeful that this has been a learning experience for MPI going forward about expanded inclusion and improved communication."