by Martha Cooke | November 01, 2003

MPI's New President Looks Ahead

Colin RorrieColin Rorrie, who took his new post as president and CEO of Dallas-based Meeting Professionals International on Sept. 1, already is busy. Rorrie kicked off his tenure with a visit to MPI in Europe and returned to prepare for the association’s October board meeting in Madrid.
   Rorrie recently found time to talk with M&C about his goals for MPI.

M&C: What was first on your to-do list?
Rorrie: I met with our chapter leaders and staff in Europe. The excitement and energy they have for MPI are contagious.

M&C: What else is on your radar?

Rorrie: We’re putting together a group of representatives from the foundation and other groups. They’ll work to develop a research agenda that links to the strategic plan.

M&C: How do you want to advance the role corporate planners play in MPI?
Rorrie:  We see a link between what they’re doing and our strategy to influence corporate decision-makers. We have a program called ROI I to give planners business skills to show value within their organizations. We’re working on ROI II, an accelerated level.

M&C: What about association planners?
Rorrie: I would offer the same concept within the association community. We should be doing some of the same types of things to help association planners.

M&C: What other membership segments do you plan to grow?
Rorrie: We’re starting to give more of a focus to the student side of MPI. I think that’s going to open a whole new horizon. M.C.