December 01, 2002
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Meet the New Boss in New Orleans
J. Stephen Perry Now at the helm of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau, J. Stephen Perry spoke with M&C about the future of the CVB and his new home.

M&C: What are your priorities?
Perry: I have redeployed staff to focus more on medium-size groups that are booking medium- to long-term business. Where we went only after annual company meetings, we now will use our relationships with companies to target regional and local meetings.

M&C: How will you help the CVB bring in new business?
Perry: Quality of staff nowadays is of paramount importance. I plan to streamline the staff and increase pay for those who stay. Goals and quotas will be set, especially in the area of new business development. We all need to be more innovative and flexible.

M&C: What developments do you foresee in New Orleans?
Perry: I want the CVB to be the city’s fiercest advocate for arts and culture, and to be the city’s foremost repository of cultural information.

M&C: What does the city lack?
Perry: New Orleans needs to expand its international air service. I plan to sit down with the heads of all the airlines in the next six months to discuss this.


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