by Michael J. Shapiro | January 01, 2008

Technology provider Passkey has expanded the scope of its reservation automation with the introduction of RoomList Express, a new feature that allows planners to securely upload attendee room lists for Passkey-licensed properties.

The basic Passkey system provides online-reservation capabilities at hotels that license the technology. Attendees can register through the Passkey portal; their information is fed directly to the hotel’s central reservation system, and both hotel and meeting planner have access to monitor and update the room list. But the system doesn’t meet every planner’s needs, acknowledged Sam Fahmy, vice president of marketing for Quincy, Mass.-based Passkey.

“Many event and meeting planners prefer to be the central point of collecting all of the attendee information, or for actually making the room reservations for the attendees,” Fahmy noted. He added that this is particularly true for corporate planners. In such cases the planner generally provides room list data to the hotel in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

But many times these lists contain attendee credit card information. “E-mailing those files as an attachment is breaking several kinds of security precautions,” Fahmy explained.

RoomList Express addresses that concern by allowing planners to securely upload room lists, in any CSV or Excel format, to the Passkey platform. Passkey then notifies the hotelier, and list information may be modified and transferred automatically, without the need for rekeying. The feature is available for all Passkey-licensed hotels.