by Lisa A. Grimaldi | September 01, 2014
In July, Chicago-based SITE (which formerly stood for the Society of Incentive Travel Executives) changed its name to the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. M&C spoke with Kevin Hinton, the association's CEO, about the move.

Why was the organization's name changed?
While many of our members are indeed executive leaders and business owners and entrepreneurs, this is a change to be more inclusive, as not all of our members self-identify as executives.

The word excellence also gives us the opportunity to identify with what incentive travel ultimately produces for the companies that invest in it -- excellence in performance. Our members excel at delivering inspiring and excellent incentive travel experiences. This seemed a logical change as we look to the future and the growth opportunities we see.

The SITE Foundation falls under the new banner. What does that mean for your research arm? 
There are no changes to the operation or structure of the foundation; this is simply a strategy to simplify the brand. Our foundation board has been integrally involved in this process and continues to be a key contributor to our research, advocacy and fundraising.

What additional changes are in store for the association?
We will soon announce a new curriculum that is being developed by a team of educators and incentive travel experts. These changes are consistent with our three-year strategic plan.

Our board has helped set us on a course to grow our influence and our impact. It remains an exciting time for us, and we are not simply enjoying the rising tide of the incentive sector; we will do more to help ensure that it continues to rise.