by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | February 01, 2006
Clear, a registered traveler program geared toward business travelers, could be launched at up to 40 major airports in the coming year.
    In July 2005, Orlando International Airport became the first such facility to offer Clear, managed by New York City-based Verified Identity Pass. Since then, more than 13,000 flyers have signed up for the $79.95-per-year service, which can cut wait times at security checkpoints to mere minutes.
    In January, Indianapolis International Airport announced it would offer the program. Other airports on the list for rollout include Denver International, Phoenix Sky Harbor International and San Francisco International.
    “Clear is a common-sense solution,” said Steven Brill, CEO of Verified Identity Pass. “It will provide an enhanced security experience for all travelers by easing the traffic at all lanes.”
    To sign up, travelers must complete an application online at, provide in-person biometric data, including fingerprint and iris images, and pass a security background check by the Transportation Security Administration. Upon approval, they are issued a Clear card, valid for use at airports offering the service.