July 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Planner's Portfolio July 2000 Current Issue
July 2000 ChecklistPLANNER'S PORTFOLIO:




The following checklist was compiled with the help of the International Association of Conference Centers, 243 North Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 63141; www.iacconline.org


  • Does the conference center focus exclusively or primarily on smaller meetings?
  • How many meeting rooms are dedicated, single-purpose conference space (rarely, if ever, used for another type of function)?
  • Are conference rooms separate from living and leisure areas?
  • Are conference rooms available to the client on a 24-hour basis for storage of materials?
  • Does the conference center offer an inclusive, per-person daily rate (often called a Complete Meeting Package, or CMP)? If so, are all of the following covered: guest rooms, meeting room(s), basic A/V equipment, three meals and refreshment breaks?
  • If the facility has guest rooms, are they separate from conference and leisure areas, and do they have adequate work stations, including lighting and comfortable seating?
  • Is the conference center a member of the International Association of Conference Centers? (To verify membership, go to www.iacconline.org.)

  • Are meeting rooms equipped with ergonomically designed chairs?
  • Do meeting rooms have tables with nonreflective, hard writing surfaces (not draped and skirted banquet tables)?
  • Do conference rooms have adequate, controllable lighting?
  • Does each conference room contain wall surfaces suitable for mounting flip-chart sheets?
  • Is there little or no sound heard between one conference room and the next? Evaluate sound transmission for doorways, windows, and exterior or movable walls, as well.
  • Is there any extraneous noise inside conference rooms? There should be no discernible noise from the heating/air conditioning unit or fluorescent lighting.
  • How does the spoken voice sound in the conference rooms? It should be bright, warm and clear.
  • Is there at least one telephone outlet in every conference room?
  • Are there adequate electrical outlets throughout each conference room?
  • Is amplified sound available in any conference room larger than 1,000 square feet?
  • Do all conference rooms have unobstructed views?

  • Is the conference center staffed with skilled conference planners who are committed to helping you meet the objectives of your meeting?
  • Will one designated conference planner be assigned to your group?
  • Is the conference planner proficient in suggesting effective meeting room setups, designing menus, planning special events, coordinating A/V equipment and services, as well as meeting other needs as they arise?
  • Does the conference center offer staffed business services from a central location?
  • Does the center provide skilled A/V technicians?
  • Are dining and conference facilities separate from each other?
  • Is at least one dining area available specifically for the convenience of conference groups?
  • Can the dining room accommodate the full capacity of the conference center for lunch in no more than two seatings of one hour each?
  • Can dining facilities accommodate a flexible meeting schedule, for example for breakfast and lunch at your convenience, not predetermined times?
  • Does the facility offer continuous refreshment service outside of meeting rooms, unless requested to do otherwise?

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