May 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Planner's Portfolio May 2003 Current Issue
May 2003 ChecklistPLANNER'S PORTFOLIO:




The following checklist was compiled with the help of Candace Adams, founder, Trade Show Consulting, 7527 Jerez Court, Suite C, Carlsbad, Calif. 92009; (760) 753-1673;


  • Research the show, including attendee demographics and history.
  • Set the show budget.
  • Select and contract for booth space.
  • Obtain the exhibitor services manual and put all deadlines for service contracts and payments on a calendar.
  • Hold a meeting to determine the objective and goals of the show (i.e., number of leads generated, dollar amount of sales made, scope of media coverage).
  • Determine what qualifying information will be obtained from attendees.
  • Evaluate promotional opportunities, including advertising, direct mail, banners, bus signage, hotel door hangers, giveaways, raffles and hospitality suites.
  • Research costs and order all necessary signage, equipment and supplies for the booth.
  • Determine staffing requirements and select personnel.
  • Order staff badges.
  • If a conference is part of the event, register for a conference attendance badge.
  • Select an installation and dismantling (I&D) contractor; check with show management to make sure the contractor is approved.
  • Select the shipping carrier by requesting and evaluating price quotes.
  • Prepare the inventory list, select a method of transportation and calculate expenses for items to be shipped.
  • Order exhibit-hall passes for promotional distribution.
  • Order or purchase a lead-retrieval system or forms.
  • Submit the exhibitor profile and new product announcements for show publications.
  • Request a list of press attendees.
  • Make travel and hotel arrangements.
  • Finalize times, places and content of staff meetings.
  • Finalize shipping information with the carrier and storage facilities, including both the show site as well as any warehouses where items might have to be kept.
  • Determine how to follow up on leads generated at the show. For example, decide whether prospective cus-tomers should be sent a letter, a brochure, a sample or some other type of material.

  • Pick up badges for staff.
  • If a conference is part of the event, pick up conference passes.
  • Confirm on-site services with show management.
  • Confirm inbound shipment inventories and weights.
  • Bring press kits to the press office.
  • Confirm the date and time of on-site booth space selection with show management.
  • Pick up the lead-retrieval system from the vendor, and set it up in the booth.
  • Provide in-booth orientation and training for staff, including how to use the lead-retrieval system.
  • Review invoices and verify costs for general contractor, electrical and other services.

  • Return the lead-retrieval system to the vendor.
  • Return show phones/walkie-talkies.
  • Retrieve any extra press kits from the press office.
  • Fulfill inquiries/requests of prospective customers.
  • Write thank-you notes to booth staff personnel, vendors and show management.
  • Measure and analyze results (return on investment).
  • Audit final invoices and adjust show budget, if necessary.

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