February 01, 2001
Meetings & Conventions: Planner's Portfolio February 2001 Current Issue
February 2001 ChecklistPLANNER'S PORTFOLIO:




The following checklist was compiled in part from Event Planning by Judy Allen, John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2000.


  • Determine in advance if you will invite media coverage of your event.
  • Invite appropriate representatives from local television news programs, daily newspapers, industry or trade publications, etc.
  • Will a press conference need to be held separately from the event?
  • Will individual media interviews be arranged with keynote speakers, organization leaders, etc.?
  • Will a designated press room be needed to accommodate members of the media?

  • Determine in advance if media will be invited as guests to the entire event or just a particular segment of it. If media are invited to cover only a specific aspect or portion of the event, be very clear about this in the invitation.
  • Have media members been included in the food and beverage count?
  • Decide if media will be seated with other attendees or at a media-only table.
  • If there will be a separate table for media members, be sure it is clearly marked.
  • If individual media interviews are being arranged during the event, have a separate refreshments table set up for participants.

  • Will media attendees be bringing trucks or vans for film crews or equipment? Determine this in advance in order to assign adequate parking space with good access for loading and unloading.
  • Determine in advance if media members will need to have special outlets for cables or a media feed.
  • If media will be doing a photo shoot of key attendees, designate a separate room to be available for this use.
  • Schedule media members to arrive in a timely manner, so they will be able to capture the action and key aspects of the event.
  • Ask attending media members in advance what their deadlines are, and keep those in mind when creating the event schedule. For example, if an event is to be broadcast on the evening news, the film crew and editors will need time to create an appropriate clip.

  • Determine in advance what aspects of the event or the host organization should be stressed.
  • Designate the person or group to be in charge of preparing the press kits.
  • Will the media require biographies of any of the attendees and/or speakers?
  • Does the media need background information about the event, host organization or any sponsors?
  • How many press kits will be needed?
  • Have press kits been included in the event’s promotions or marketing budget?
  • Where and how will the kits be distributed to media representatives?
  • Will a separate registration table be available for media to sign in and receive kits?
  • Keep track of media no-shows, so that a press kit and follow-up correspondence can be mailed to them.

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