July 01, 1998
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On-Site Management

This checklist was compiled from The AMA Guide for Meeting and Event Planners by Catherine Price, AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association, ©1989


  • Arrive two to four days before the meeting.
  • Check arrival of shipments, and arrange for delivery to appropriate on-site locations.
  • Follow up on equipment deliveries to proper areas (staff office, registration, exhibit area, press room, etc.).
  • Begin setting up staff office.
  • Conduct pre-con meeting.
  • Provide updates on attendee counts and guarantees to hotel and outside suppliers.
  • Conduct individual supplier meetings (ground transportation, destination management company, audiovisual company, florist, etc.) to confirm details of service.
  • Conduct separate in-hotel meetings with each department that has unique responsibilities for your meeting (front desk, accounting, telephone operators, security, conference services, bell staff).
  • Conduct personnel briefing for registration, staff office, door monitors, airport greeters and any other personnel for your meeting, both paid and volunteer.
  • Set up registration area and oversee setup of other areas (exhibit hall, general session area).
  • Coordinate distribution of gifts/amenities to attendees' rooms.
  • Conduct an advance check of hotel for cleanliness and proper functioning of elevators, rest rooms and other public facilities.
  • Handle advance room check-in for VIPs and key meeting participants, such as speakers.
  • Identify emergency resources near the hotel (secretarial services, photocopying center, office supplies, florists).

  • Check hotel reader board daily for accuracy.
  • Conduct daily review meeting with key hotel and meeting staff.
  • Check each meeting room for accurate setup 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start of the function. (Do microphones and audiovisual equipment function properly? Is a pitcher of water, with ample drinking glasses, set up for speakers? Are session materials ready for distribution?) Allot more time before a major session.
  • Check all food and beverage areas for readiness and accuracy 30 to 60 minutes prior to your function. Allot more time before a special event, such as an awards banquet.
  • Remove cash from safety deposit box and set up cash boxes for each registration worker.
  • As large amounts of registration income are received, balance cash against registration records, and place in safety deposit box or local bank account.
  • Conduct personnel check-in to make sure all have arrived and are at assigned areas.
  • Provide personnel with items needed for daily activities, such as function sheets and evaluations for door monitors.
  • Check to be sure all speakers have arrived and will be at their appropriate sessions on time.
  • Assign staff to conduct and record attendee counts in meeting rooms.
  • Pick up messages regularly from staff office, and maintain ongoing communications with suppliers and personnel.
  • Set aside time to review and record charges from hotel and suppliers.
  • Be sure to get from the hotel a daily printout of guest rooms used by your group.

  • Have all cash transferred to your organization's home bank account, or request a cashier's check for safe transport home.
  • Prepare thank-you notes for hotel staff and suppliers, and distribute individual gratuities.
  • Conduct a post-conference meeting with event staff and hotel staff.
  • Pack all conference materials and equipment for return shipment home; arrange for shipping.
  • Inventory all equipment rented locally; supervise pickup.
  • Review final bill with accounting, and make required payments on uncontested portion of bill.
  • Notes:

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