by Hunter R. Slaton | May 01, 2008

The following checklist was compiled with the assistance of Lisa Fraser, director of operations for Seattle Hospitality Services (, a full-service destination management company.


  • How many people will be attending your meeting?
  • If you cannot know the exact number, what is the minimum and maximum number of attendees you will have?
  • Do any of your attendees have disabilities that will require special consideration when it comes to choosing transportation options?
  • Will airport meet-and-greets and departures be arranged by the host organization, or will attendees be on their own upon arrival?

  • Coordinate with a destination management company or a transportation supplier for sedans, vans and/or motorcoaches, along with greeters, to meet arriving attendees.
  • What days and between what hours will the transportation be provided?
  • Who will be creating the arrival and departure manifests to forward to the DMC?
  • How many days in advance of the first arrival must the manifest be received by the DMC?
  • Estimates cannot be determined by the DMC until the manifest is received, so ask for a price list of all charges that will be accounted for. These include prices for vehicles, staff, signage, airport entry fees, driver and luggage handler gratuities, baggage handling, taxes, parking, radio fees and so on.
  • Will you provide luggage handlers to assist your guests at baggage claim and escort them to their ground transportation? If so, will you cover their gratuities? If that’s the case, be sure guests are aware that the host organization will provide this service.
  • To how many different hotels will your guests need to be transferred?
  • Will each guest’s hotel be on the manifest?
  • Do you want motor coaches, vans and/or sedans?
  • Will VIPs have the same transportation service as the rest of the attendees, or would town cars or limos be preferred?
  • Would you like the DMC to create and deliver departure notices? (A departure notice informs guests of the time their vehicle will depart from the hotel for the airport.)
  • Will the hotel be providing a bag pull service, or will guests be expected to bring their luggage to transportation?

  • Determine the transportation options at the airport closest to the meeting location, and provide this information to attendees.
  • What kind of airport shuttle service is available, and what are the fees?
  • Are roundtrip shuttle tickets offered at a savings over one-way fares?
  • What hotels are serviced by airport shuttles?
  • Do any of the hotels offer free airport shuttles?
  • Consider negotiating a group discount with an airport shuttle provider or taxi service. Provide attendees with information and coupons or vouchers.
  • Where are the taxi pickup locations at the airport?
  • What is the average taxi fare to host hotels?
  • Does your organization have a corporate account with a rental car agency? If so, can this discounted rate be offered to attendees?
  • Do you want to hire staff to be available at the airport to assist your attendees upon arrival?
  • Notes: