by By Meredith O. Weiner | January 01, 2009
The following checklist was compiled by Meredith O. Weiner, meetings and exhibits manager for Mount Laurel, N.J.-based Association Headquarters, an association management company. Supplies for your meetings will vary depending on the type and scope of the event; consider these the basics. For a list of tech supplies, consult "What to Take Along to an Event."

Office supplies
  • Mailing supplies, such as return-shipping labels, shipping tape, stationery, envelopes
  • Boxes of pens
  • Staplers, staples, staple pull, scissors, tape, paper cutter
  • Scratch pads, sticky notes
  • Paper clips, rubber bands, pushpins, highlighters, markers, correction fluid
  • Printer paper
  • Business cards
  • Extra badge holders
  • Extra badge stock
  • Batch envelopes
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • Lined writing tablets
  • Extra ribbons (VIP, speaker, press, etc.)
  • Cash boxes
  • Computer locks 
Meeting supplies
  • Welcome letters
  • Certificates of attendance to be completed for international registrants as proof they were at the meeting
  • Continuing education credit forms (e.g., CEU, CMP, CME) or instructions if the process is online
  • Extra registration brochures
  • Final preregistration list
  • On-site registration forms
  • Extra tickets and a ticket puncher
  • Credit card imprinter and slips
  • Attendee receipts
  • Extra copy of the setup book
  • Bill of lading
  • Membership applications
  • Membership list
  • Binder(s) with copies of the completed preregistration forms
  • Instructions for personnel

Staff office
  • Line the perimeter with six-foot-long tables for laying out signage, committee materials, basic supplies, staff radios, computers, awards, speaker gifts, etc. Note: Request skirted tables so you can conceal your boxes.
  • Put one 72-inch round (eight top) in the center of the room with chairs for quick meetings and staff meals.
  • Bring in a couch for staff to relax on, but only if one fits in the room with the tables and it can be taken from the prefunction area vs. renting it from the decorator.
  • Put up a bulletin board if the hotel won't allow the program and staff assignments to be taped on the wall.
  • Provide a water station.

Extras on hand
  • Throat lozenges
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First-aid kit
  • Snacks (e.g., granola bars)
If the budget allows
  • Breakfast (coffee by the gallon, a pot of oatmeal, a tray of bagels with spreads, cups of yogurt charged on consumption, juice)
  • Lunch (sodas on consumption, a sandwich sampler, a large salad; add a tray of cookies, fruit and/or a pot of hot soup if there's room in the budget)