by Gerry Small | December 01, 2012
The following checklist is adapted from PSAV Presentation Services' "The Power of AV," a training course on the basics of audiovisuals, specifically designed for event planners. Gerry Small, PSAV Event Services' general manager and a 25-year industry veteran, provides an overview of the key technology components to consider when planning an event.

Scenic Review event arrangement options.

Do you want a colorful scenic display or custom video mapping?

Do you want voile or decorative draping?

Select general-session arrangements.

Select breakout-room arrangements.

Select exhibitor layout.

Finalize any layouts with 3-D renderings.

Audio Test house audio system for small events.

Reserve external speakers for large events.

Decide on lavaliere microphones and/or handheld.

Determine number of microphones needed.

Decide on live music vs. recorded.

Will you need music for walk-in and walk-out? Breaks? Speakers walking to the platform? Close of the event?

VideoSelect one, two, three or more screens.

Determine whether screens will have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 (widescreen).

Determine whether your screens will be front-projection or rear-projection.

Format presentation slides to proper screen ratio.

Have logo background prepared for ill-fitting slides.

Have technology provider create a standard template for the event.

Obtain speakers' slides at least 24 hours in advance.

Decide whether you'll need a Teleprompter.

Decide if you'll use regular or HD equipment.

Decide whether you will stream content live and/or offer on-demand viewing.

Get permission to record presenters.

LightingSelect number of lighting instruments.

Consider branding the room with logo/design gobos.

Choose static up-lighting vs. flexible, intelligent lighting.

Venue Infrastructure
Determine how much bandwidth is dedicated solely to the event space.

Calculate bandwidth the event requires.

Will Internet access be password protected?

Are additional electrical outlets needed?

Note low chandeliers, columns, mirrors or other obstacles.

Is there either built-in rigging or a ground-supported truss?

Virtual ServicesDo you need digital signage for breakout rooms and/or entrance?

Will you have a kiosk registration system?

Will you have an Internet café?

Do you want a Twitter wall for audience participation?

Will you have a wireless audience response system during the event?