by Bob Walters | December 01, 2006

Managing and tracking incentive programs can be time-consuming and complicated. But today, there are a number of online solutions that offer everything from a simple tracking tool to elaborate management systems that enable managers to keep track of a contest’s progress and allow incentive participants to track their own standings and select their rewards. Which system is best for you will depend on the nature of your reward (for example, cash, merchandise or travel), how broad the audience is and the associated costs.

Following is a review of some of the main providers of computer-based incentive tracking programs; for comprehensive offerings and pricing information, contact the providers directly.

New York City-based Altour Incentive Management (212-897-5000; has Aspire, their product for online tracking of incentive programs. The program can be tailored for customer loyalty, sales and employee performance. Aspire also offers a wide range of online reports for managers. One nice feature is an automated notification and e-mail blast capability that sends participants announcements and status reports.

Callidus Software (408-808-6400;, based in San Jose, Calif., is a management and consulting company that has a wide range of products and services including those tailored for the insurance, banking, telecommunications, science and manufacturing industries.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Incentive Logic (888-558-4483; offers online tracking for a variety of programs, based on the audience and types of incentives offered. They have an online process called Setting the Stage that walks planners through five steps to define the general nature of their program and then recommends a number of options and links to help select the right package. (800-844-5000;, based in Atlanta, provides a multitude of programs for employees, customers, dealers and sales professionals, as well as an umbrella program under which they will unify any number and types of programs for a client under one system. Their product also allows planners to administer overall incentive budgets and adjust programs as needed (say, provide a special sprint period within the main program that rewards top sellers for a particular week or month).

Based in Dallas,Online-Rewards (888-826-0783; offers tools for employee, customer, training and safety incentive programs; they have different program levels based on the number of participants, ranging from less than 250 to 2,500-plus. All feature online monitoring and reward redemption capabilities. (501-707-0360;, based in Los Angeles, offers an online product that can be deployed at various levels for both employee performance and customer loyalty programs. Administrators and participants can monitor the progress of their programs online, allowing them to view participant standings. Their website has some good incentive management tools, including research studies and white papers on various aspects of motivation.

Xceleration (888-800-4191;, based in Atlanta, has developed Reward Station, which is a proprietary web-based sales incentive and reward program that includes both traditional tracking as well as peer nomination and recognition capabilities. Reward Station lets participants redeem awards for merchandise, travel and gift cards, while providing managers with reports on participants’ performance, program costs and rewards redeemed.

Bob Walters,based in Fort Worth, Texas, is founder of Phoenix Solutions and developer of MeetingTrak Software.