May 01, 2019

Hotels merge, are acquired or are sold constantly. Some disappear forever. How does it affect a planner's negotiations when properties change hands? You know all too well that when a new banner goes up, managers, rates and maybe even physical structures change. Then it becomes a whole different venue and the relationships of past years can become irrelevant. 

According to American Express' 2018 Global Meetings Forecast, "…survey respondents indicate that hotel mergers and acquisitions can often add another layer of complexity to contract negotiations and contract terms and conditions." And complexity is counterproductive in every way.

The Amex survey listed the top impacts of increased hotel merger and acquisition activity in North America were found to be: More challenging contract negotiations, 63%; Changes in contractual terms and conditions, 61%; Changes in key contacts, 39%.

Rosen Shingle Creek takes pride in being a good community partner and environmental steward. Shown is a crane on its property.

Stability, consistency, reliability
Conversely, there are definite advantages to local, privately owned properties that have been in business under the same name and aren't going to merge or vanish. You can meet the owner and learn about the foundation of the company and the history of the area.

Properties like this are also perfect for repeat events. While they may renovate their facilities, the management team is in place and your history with the property is respected.

Nearly a half century of service
For example, Rosen Hotels & Resorts in Orlando is celebrating its 45th anniversary in June 2019. It's not just another meeting venue, it's a partner in the community. Rosen is known for its philanthropic programs, which are the cornerstone of its company culture. Attendees can have a "local experience" there as well, not just stay in an isolated venue that has no relation to its location.

Rosen Hotels & Resorts is known for its philanthropic programs. This is from one of its charitable events.

You may not know the owner of the hotel you booked last week, but Rosen Shingle Creek has its owner's name right it its title. "Harris Rosen walks this property nearly every day. That kind of attention by the owner speaks volumes about the kind of hotel this is and the level of service we offer," says Leslie Menichini, VP of Sales and Marketing, Convention Hotels, for Rosen Shingle Creek. 

And in Rosen Shingle Creek's case, the flexibility of its venues means that even year after year, the meetings areas are refreshed and re-worked so it's almost a different location. 

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