May 22, 2018

Is golf a significant meeting option or a mere footnote? The answer may lie in a Northstar Meetings Group survey that asked planners for their opinions on how important golf is when planning an event. An impressive 81% said they always (23%) or sometimes (58%) include golf as an option in their meeting itineraries. And no matter what the type of meeting, golf is seriously considered, from board meetings and sales meetings, which had the highest typical inclusion of golf (95%), to trade shows and training meetings (the lowest, a whopping 84%). Judging by those numbers, golf is top-of-mind with meetings planners looking to craft nearly any type of itinerary.

Rosen Shingle Creek is set on 455 acres.

More than a game
So it's a popular factor in planning an event, but how important is golf to the fabric of the meeting? When asked about golf's value proposition, 87% said it creates relationship-building opportunities for attendees. And 80% felt that it had a relaxation or wellness benefit. Less-cited benefits included providing sales networking opportunities (58%), making attendees feel valued by the host organization (54%) and as a reward for those in attendance (53%).

Golf done right
Clearly, golf can be a centerpiece, or at the very least, a critical component to a meeting. One example of a hotel that puts a premium on the golf experience is Rosen Shingle Creek (main picture above), a 255-acre Orlando property. "Shingle Creek Golf Club has created a special partnership with the renowned Arnold Palmer Design Company for an exciting, and challenging golf course," says Leslie Menichini, VP, Sales & Marketing, Rosen Hotels & Resorts. "The Shingle Creek Golf Club is definitely strokes and chips above a typical 'hotel golf' course," Menichini continues. Backing up that sentiment is the club's new 1850-sq. ft. covered, open-air pavilion for tournament check-in, special events, receptions and other functions. And it's surrounded by beautiful scenic views and the natural, sunny setting attendees come to Orlando to experience.

Shingle Creek Golf Club's Brad Brewer Golf Academy is consistently ranked a "Top 25 Golf School in the Nation" by Golf magazine.
  A golf course, plus
But while a great course is a must, there has to be support behind it to make it work for your group. In the case of Shingle Creek Golf Club, it's home to the Brad Brewer Golf Academy, a "Top 25 Golf School in the Nation" as ranked by Golf magazine.The Academy conducts team building, networking and VIP appreciation programs for groups of all sizes, along with pre round lessons and Warm up Like a Pro sessions. Golfers can extend their stay to work on their games with Top 100 Teacher Brad Brewer utilizing the Academy's private teaching facility including state of the art motion analysis technology, housed in the Performance Studio hitting bays. The Shingle Creek Golf Club is backed by a dedicated staff and award-winning pro shop with club and shoe rentals. Rosen Shingle Creek offers the BAGS program (a way for your attendee-golfers to ship their clubs from their door to the hotel and back again to avoid the airline hassle) as further example of their commitment to helping your group succeed. 

A winning combination
Needless to say, it's critical that a quality golf program is backed up by an experienced and fully capable staff and overall facility. In Rosen Shingle Creek's case, their 1,501 refreshed guestrooms support the half-million-plus square feet of indoor and outdoor space. "Our spaces are designed to amaze," says Menichini. The course offers turn-key tournaments featuring its unsurpassed service standard, attention to detail and inventive, creative one-of-a-kind experiences, aspects of the course's customer service and of the "Rosen Difference." And beginners don't have to worry about being embarrassed: tournaments can be developed for golfers of all skill levels. 

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