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Better Than a String Around Your Finger

by Lisa A. Grimaldi | June 19,2017
Keep on top of email with this handy tool.

VIDEO: Smart Tip for Tech

How allowing for A/V wiggle room can save your meeting money.

Weight Watcher

This handy gadget prevents your bags from tipping the scales.

Time-Management Trick

Get more done with this simple concentration technique.

Career Maker

Demonstrate your value to the company with this smart tip.

Help Feed the Needy

This app makes it easy to donate an event's leftover food to a worthy cause.

Bag Tags for a Cause

These distinctive luggage tags help fight the war against sex-trafficking.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Life Savers

This app lets ordinary people fight human trafficking.

Help Feed the Needy

This app makes it easy to donate an event's leftover food to a worthy cause.

Tomorrow's Podium - Today

Here's a unique way to give a speaker stage presence.

Stretch Your Table

Don't let unexpected banquet guests throw you off.

Entertainment Database

Use this website to find awesome acts in your destination.

Sticky Speakers

These portable gadgets will provide great sound anywhere.
Food and Beverage

A GPS for Street Food

This digital portal helps you find local food trucks.

Help Feed the Needy

This app makes it easy to donate an event's leftover food to a worthy cause.

Get the Whole Picture

This phone accessory turns anyone into a big-shot photographer.

Woody Wordpecker

Last-minute gift guide (3 of 5): This wooden keyboard blends natural and high-tech.
Green Meetings

Nature's Charging Station

Let the sun do the work to keep attendee gadgets powered.

Ban the Bottle

This green practice can save planners money while preventing waste.

Doing Time

If you plan resort meetings or incentives every year, this tip could save you thousands.

Good Timing

When the incentive travel budget drops, consider this.

VIDEO: Fewer Vendors, Better Bottom Line

Planners can leverage their buying power with this tip.

VIDEO: Use Your 'Yellow Pages'

When it comes to negotiation, try this tip before you head to the table.
Off Site Venues

Enchanted Gardens

Celebrate spring in a botanical setting.

Space Hack

This app is perfect for last-minute meetings.

Extreme Immersion

This presentation technique will blow away any crowd.

Plan Like No One Else Is Helping

This iOS platform lets attendees coordinate their own adventures.

Speaker/Sponsor Site

This site serves as a type of meetings matchmaker.

Reality Star Power

Hire a reality cast member for budget-friendly entertainment.
Special Events

Double-Duty Celebration

Add recognition elements to your holiday soiree.

Sit Where the Tree Tells You

This tip adds elegance to seating-card displays.

Splashy Sponsorship

Combine pool time and networking with this clever idea.

Speaker/Sponsor Site

This site serves as a type of meetings matchmaker.

Better Than a String Around Your Finger

Keep on top of email with this handy tool.

Layover Gym Finder

This app shows you where to sweat or stretch near the airport.
Team Building

Activity Arranger

This app is like a for pairing groups with activities.

Turnkey Team Building

This service lets you select a preplanned team-building package.

Portable Pathfinder

This tech tool will keep you on the right track.

All-Access App

This platform puts attendee information at their fingertips.
Trade Shows

No More Trade-Show Shipping Headaches

This app gives you control over your equipment from afar.

Show, Don’t Tell

This tip will make your trade-show presentations more memorable.

Hit the Ground Running

This app finds the best rail and bus options abroad.

Easy Riders

This car service keeps meeting planners and attendees in the loop.

Transportation Checker

Use this site to find the best mode of travel between destinations.

Packing App

This app serves as a consultant for your travel wardrobe.


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