National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World
  • Last month, National Geographic unveiled Unique Lodges of the World, a collection of boutique hotels committed to "sustainability, authenticity, and excellence." The incredible properties got us talking here at Meetings & Conventions. What follows are the properties that the M&C staff would most like to visit.
  • "If I get a chance to visit the Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini, Greece, I will need at least two weeks. The entire first week will be spent in or near the rooftop pool, and then I'll try break away for the second week to explore the beautiful surroundings." —Loren G. Edelstein, Editor in Chief
  • "Australia's Lizard Island is my idea of a good time: the perfect blend of unpredictable adventure and remote relaxation. Pristine land, turquoise waters and the Great Barrier Reef waiting just beyond a white sand beach—this is the spot for me. C'mon. That's just ridiculous." —Michael C. Lowe, Producer, Digital Media
  • "I would definitely head to Bhutan's Zhiwa Ling Hotel at the foot of the Himalaya, which promises to deliver Gross National Happiness. For me, that would translate into birding, hiking, a stroll in their rare orchid garden and drum ceremonies by Buddhist monks. I am so there." —Cheryl-Anne Sturken, Senior Contributing Editor
  • "It's a hazy morning and I'm sipping fine Borneo coffee with a man who lived with orangutans for a decade. A pygmy elephant strolls by.  I may be morphing into J. Peterman, but I can handle that. I'm booking passage to the Sukau Rainforest Lodge in Malaysian Borneo." —Michael J. Shapiro, Senior Editor 
  • "I'd choose Newfoundland's Fogo Island Inn. I was there once, and have wanted to return. The inn's striking architecture blends stark modernism with the island's storied past. It's a wild and beautiful place in a wild and beautiful province." —Lori Cioffi, Editorial Director
  • "I would love to experience The Brando in Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. I want to be far, far away in the beauty. I will be floating in the water and feeling like I'm in heaven." —Mayumi Hudgins, Design Director
  • "I would love to experience the Three Camel Lodge in Gobi, Mongolia. Previously I have stayed in one- and two-camel lodges, and at this point in my life I feel I deserve that extra level of service and pampering." —Allen J. Sheinman, Managing Editor
  • "I'd love to visit Longitude 131 with views of Uluru in Australia. I visited the country in 1983 but didn't make it to the famed Uluru, a far-off place I've always wanted to see. But really, who wouldn't want to stay under a canopy in the Outback? Or swim in a pool surrounded by sand dunes?" —Sarah J.F. Braley, Senior Editor
  • "You arrive at Costa Rica's Pacuare Lodge via whitewater raft. Short of parachuting, that's the coolest way to get to a place. I like that the rooms have no electricity, yet the lobby has Wi-Fi—if I'm nestled in 25,000 acres of jungle, I'd like to know I can still contact the outside world." —Josh Lieberman, Group Online Editor
  • "The Sayari Camp in Tanzania looks like something out my "Out of Africa" fantasies.  A handful of tents in the wild, northern Serengeti and unparalleled access to the greatest animal migration on the planet? Heaven." —Lisa Grimaldi, Senior Editor

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