May 01, 2017

Add the Aloha Spirit to your agenda. 

With six distinct islands to choose from, the Hawaiian Islands offer an exceptional mix of natural wonders, unrivaled land and ocean activities, unparalleled shopping and dining, and time-honored traditions elevated by signature Hawaiian hospitality. 

While the year-round average temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to keep attendees comfortable, it's the culture that turns any trip to the Hawaiian Islands from a visit into an extraordinary experience.  

Attendees can immerse themselves in traditions that have long defined Hawaii and its people. From taking group lessons in the art of poi (kalo, taro) pounding and hiking to Hawaiian petroglyphs, to mastering the delicate intricacies of lei making, or learning the triumphant story behind King Kamehameha the Great. Coupled with world-class accommodations and exceptional meeting venues, there's simply no place like Hawaii.

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