We invite you to get to know The Hague as we know it - the perfect business event destination.

Organizing an event for your company or association? We're convinced that The Hague is your perfect destination and we invite you to explore the many benefits that it has to offer.

What you need to know about The Hague.
You've certainly heard of The Hague - it's always in the news due to the work of numerous international organizations and companies that headquarter in this city. You probably also know that it's located in The Netherlands, a friendly and vibrant country in the north of Europe. 

Maybe you even know that The Hague is home to the Dutch Royal family and the seat of the Dutch government, boasting a dynamic mix of beautiful historical architecture and a modern skyline.

But did you also know that The Hague is only a 30-minute train-ride away from one of Europe's top airports - Amsterdam Schiphol? The city is so easy to reach from anywhere in the world and has an incredibly efficient and sustainable event infrastructure. 

You're likely to be even more surprised that the city has a light and playful side to it - with its beautiful sandy beaches, promenades, bars, restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene, something that all visitors to our city love to discover. 

An event destination with impact.
Being home to the Dutch Parliament, the Royal Family, and the second-largest U.N. city, The Hague's standing and influence is strong. With the Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration at its beating heart, The Hague is widely known as the International City of Peace and Justice. More than 30,000 professionals work in one of the 200 international organizations, and 111 embassies located in The Hague, to make the world a better and a more just place. 

Next to peace and justice, The Hague's knowledge infrastructure encompasses industries such as (cyber) security, IT and telecommunications, energy and renewables, legal and finance as well as oil and gas. Especially security, in all its complexity, is a very important topic here. Thanks to sophisticated institutions such as "The Hague Security Delta", The Hague is always able to deliver when it comes to safety and comfort. This is one of the reasons why many world leaders such as former president Barack Obama, Chinese president Xi Jinping and former UK Prime Minister David Cameron have been able to enjoy their stay in the International City of Peace and Justice.

Plan an event in The Hague and you can build on the legacy of the city and add depth to your event by making use of the vast amount of expert knowledge that lies here. The Hague Convention Bureau can connect you to keynote speakers, help with finding a venue that creates just the right fit and grant access to the outstanding event infrastructure that the city has to offer. 

Get in touch and let us show you why The Hague is the perfect destination for organizing an event with an impact. 

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