May 02, 2017

According to a Social Tables' 2016 latest trend report, two of the biggest challenges to event planners revolve around reduced budgets and the ability to accommodate expanding needs. While the corporate policies and red tape surrounding large chain hotels often stifle event planners' need for flexibility, working instead with independent hotels can more readily mitigate some of those biggest hurdles. 

In addition, many independent hotels are more rapidly responsive to the advanced technological needs of millennials - a generation that, as early as 2014, favored independent hotels by 59 percent. That's over 20 percent more than their baby boomer counterparts. Providing tailored, hands-on solutions for event planners remains a priority for many independent properties, frequently undergoing upgrades, renovations and expansions that directly answer event planners' needs. Certainly, creating a higher level of personalization is a key strength for independent hotels, ensuring a superior event experience for both planners and attendees alike.


Rosen Shingle Creek is often chosen for special events because of its unique outdoor locations and capabilities. This covered pavilion was constructed as part of the updates at the on-site Shingle Creek Golf Club.

  "We can make on-the-spot decisions and handle virtually any request an event planner can come up with," said Leslie Menichini, vice president, sales & marketing, for Rosen Convention Hotels, Florida's largest independent hotel company. She added that Harris Rosen, founder and COO of Rosen Hotels & Resorts, can often be found on-site warmly welcoming meetings and event planners.

 Recently, Rosen Shingle Creek demonstrated that it could indeed handle virtually anything as it simultaneously hosted multiple events that catered from 800 to thousands in two of its outdoor destinations. While one group took advantage of the new 2,000-square-foot covered pavilion and surrounding area on the grounds of the recently redesigned 18-hole golf course, more than 4,000 guests gathered at the expansive outdoor terrace outside the hotel's expansive ballrooms for a unique opportunity to enjoy a balmy Orlando evening.

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