November 01, 2018

You can tell whether a venue's Meetings Director can "speak your language" or not. When they can't, you get that sinking feeling. When they can, you breathe a sigh of relief. And when they have industry training and certifications, you know your job just got a lot easier.

For example, MPI provides formal training that gives meetings directors important insights into current issues and technologies, while also reinforcing existing experience and knowledge. And while many venues have onsite staff, an MPI-trained meetings director is an advantage that few venues have. The benefits are evident from the planning process, to the event or meeting itself, to the final debrief.

Two Heads Are Better Than One
What if there was one well-known, established hotel brand that had an MPI-trained meetings director at each of their properties? A brand that ensured you would work with an experienced, onsite planner to make your event a success and make you look good - no matter which city or meeting space you chose? That brand exists in Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts. 

Training Pays Off
Here are a few benefits to collaborating with a dedicated onsite meetings director, which can make your job easier.

*Focus on venue design and functionality. A trained meetings director knows a space that works from one that does not. A thoroughly trained meetings director knows the difference and how to best utilize the resources available.

*Awareness of the potential pitfalls. Proactively dealing with an issue before it becomes a problem is priceless. "These days, time is the greatest luxury, and if we're able to give a client time to focus on the content of their meeting, we have added value. That's the kind of benefit MPI training brings to the Crowne Plaza Meetings Directors," says Meredith Latham, Regional Vice President, Crowne Plaza Americas.

*Familiarity with the latest technology. When it comes to the constant evolution of technology, a meetings director with proper training on the other side of the table can understand the tech solution that works for you.

*Emphasis on customer service. A credentialed meetings director practices and embraces a high level of customer service. That commitment to service is reflected in Crowne Plaza's new DARE to Connect service style. 

*Ability to see your side. A meticulously trained meetings director can see things from your perspective and offer you more assistance than a lesser-qualified planner. You may not know the qualifications of the meetings director at most properties, but at Crowne Plaza, you do. "Our clients trust us because we're one step ahead of their needs. This is absolutely an outcome of MPI training. The best meetings directors know how to anticipate what clients need before they know it's a concern; we have MPI to thank for this advantage," says Meredith Latham, Regional Vice President, Crowne Plaza Americas.

*Command of security issues. A meetings director who's trained in security issues takes safety concerns into account and can focus on security and safety issues, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the event.

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