April 01, 2019

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a major industry trend that has become entrenched in the meetings industry. It's become important enough to steer you to one venue over another. 

Backed by the numbers

There's a lot of solid research that illustrates the upside of CSR and how it can benefit all involved. Many of your clients may be asking for a CSR-conscious meeting venue. And many of you prefer working with a venue that's a good neighbor. 

Those ideas are backed up by the numbers. According to MovingWorlds.org, a 2014 study by Nielsen revealed that "55% of global online consumers … say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact." Research from Cone Communications/Echo Global showed "90 percent of shoppers worldwide [are] likely to switch to brands that support a good cause."

Clearly, as CSR becomes a corporate way of life, more and more planners/clients/attendees want to align themselves with vendors, venues and companies that "do the right thing."

The Rosen Plaza Hotel caters to virtually every meeting need of groups from 10 to 2,800.

A boon for business

But CSR isn't just the right thing to do, it's good business. By engaging with social causes your client-companies can learn about new cultures, markets and product applications. CSR can enable partnerships that potentially protect market share and increase distribution. 

In a Harvard Business Review article, "The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility," authors Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer say, "…CSR can be much more than a cost, a constraint, or a charitable deed-it can be a source of opportunity, innovation, and competitive advantage."

A Florida example

One example of CSR in action is the Harris Rosen Foundation. Harris Rosen, owner of Rosen Plaza and seven other properties, and his Harris Rosen Foundation, bestowed a $12 million gift to The University of Florida and UF Health. The donation will be used to launch an unprecedented partnership for brain tumor research and treatment.

This work resonated deeply with Rosen. His son, Adam, who received care at UF's Brain Tumor Center, died in November, 2018 after a fight with cancer. Rosen was struck by the UF clinical team's professionalism, skill and commitment to making Adam and his family as comfortable as possible.


"The gift to UF Health represents the Rosen commitment to our neighbors and community. We appreciate the work of UF Health on behalf of the Rosen family and our larger family of customers and neighbors," says Victoria Hall, director, sales & marketing at Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

CSR isn't just the right thing to do, it's good business.

Setting priorities

While Rosen Plaza has just completed improvements including new ballroom carpeting and the renovation of their lobby and business center - part of a sophisticated modernization of the hotel - their corporate buzz is focused on the UF Health donation.

"While we take pride in the physical amenities here and the superior level of customer service we offer, it's our standing as a citizen in the community that we're most proud of," says Hall.

For more information on Rosen Plaza's efforts in CSR and their new renovations, visit https://www.rosenplaza.com/meetings-and-events/