November 01, 2015

Welcome to the re-energized Sheraton. The brand's new "Sheraton 2020" initiative brings a modern vision and purpose to its rejuvenated spirit. "Sheraton 2020" includes a $100 million marketing campaign; the launch of the new premier tier, Sheraton Grand; continuous innovation of the Sheraton guest experience; an unwavering commitment to service excellence; and a goal of opening more than 150 new Sheraton hotels worldwide by 2020. These strategies and others are designed to better serve guests of all ages, with an emphasis on addressing the growing preferences and needs of what may be your toughest audience: Millennials. 

A big slice of "Sheraton 2020" is Paired, a new food and beverage program comprised of artisanal small plates and eclectic bar snacks served alongside suggested premium wines and local craft beers. Forget the stodgy shrimp of years ago, today's young attendees are looking for something different and unexpected that creates a unique experience. Now, how about a Banana Bread Peanut Butter Sandwich paired with Tawny Port?

Paired stretches the boundaries of traditional pairing principles by blending ingredients together in new and unexpected ways for guests-an ideal strategy to excite Millennials.We know that attendees-Millennials in particular-are increasingly looking for holistic experiences that affect them both inside and out. Sheraton is a prime example of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide's Sustainable Meeting Practices program which lets planners implement sustainability throughout the entire meeting cycle. Not only do they offer environmentally friendly supplies, clutter-free meeting setups, green transportation options and smart resources such as LED signage, they strive to keep these ideals at the forefront of the meeting planning process from planning to execution to post-meeting follow-up. 

Serving Millennials and guests of all ages, the new Sheraton has arrived. Visit to discover the latest ways Sheraton 2020 can ensure your event's success.