by Sarah JF Braley | July 02, 2020

Are your nights filled with strange dreams that underscore all the anxiety of the past few months? I'm so glad to learn I'm not alone. Couple the coronavirus with social unrest, and a sweet night's sleep flies out the darkened window. Even the New York Times has gathered dream examples to remind us that we are all experiencing these weird times in similar ways. And Real Simple has weighed in with a host of information on handling the dreams, our mental health, sleep "hygiene" (not exercising a few hours before going to bed, avoiding alcohol and limiting screen time before sleep) and more. "Our brains don't necessarily have the downtime that they used to have," Rachel O'Neill, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and director of clinical effectiveness at Talkspace, a mental health therapy app, told the magazine. "Pre-pandemic, we generally had a sense of routine in our lives -- much of which involved activities outside of the home and space away from our thoughts and feelings." Now, she said, we're in a constant state of emotional turmoil. 

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