by Sarah JF Braley | May 29, 2020
For many of us, switching to working from home meant setting up a whole new office -- this time the way we always wanted it. But it also means we have put our bodies in different chairs, at new angles to our computer screens, sitting a different distance from the keyboard, which itself is on a desk of an unfamiliar height. Such changes can result in new discomforts at the end of the day. To iron out these aches, try using a foam roller to work your calves, hamstrings, back and more. Click here for some helpful exercises from Women's Health. Rollers like those from Gaiam do the trick; smaller rollers (18 to 24 inches) can be used for almost all of the exercises and will pack up nicely when you get back on the road. The larger, 36-inch roller works best for opening up your shoulders.