by Sarah JF Braley | April 17, 2020

If your hands are anything like ours, weeks and weeks of constant scrubbing has taken a toll on your skin. Here are the products our staff recommends for smoothing things over:

An old favorite works for Loren Edelstein, vice president and content director for Northstar Meetings Group. She slathers on Cetaphil when the going gets rough ($27 for a three-pack of 8.8-oz jars from Amazon).

Managing editor Sarah Braley uses a two-handed approach: The Shea Butter Hand Cream from L'Occitane en Provence is for spot moisturizing during the day ($29 for 5.2 oz), and Aquaphor Healing Ointment soothes at night and first thing in the morning ($13.75 for a 14-oz. jar from Amazon).

For Lisa Grimaldi, NMG's editor of incentives and destinations, Lux Naturals Whipped Shea Butter ($16 for 3.5 oz.) does the trick.

Carol's Daughter Body Jelly works best for associate editor Susmita Baral. The all-natural product, made with sweet almond oil and jojoba, costs $12 for 8 oz.

Associate editor Elise Schoening's choice, Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion ($6.58 for 12 oz. from Amazon), has a lovely, calming lavender scent.

Michael Shapiro, editor of news and technology, got to the point where his hands were just too far gone - they were cracked and frequently bleeding, throbbing in pain at night. The solution? He coated them with Wallgreens petroleum jelly ($2 for a 4-oz. jar) before bed and then covered them with socks that say, "Knish me, I'm Jewish."