by Sarah JF Braley | May 03, 2019

In Florida, the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village's executive chef Criss Menassa, who is a vegan, has these suggestions for presenting some healthy options on a buffet:

1. Incorporate sliders made from heme, a legume extract that mimics the consistency, texture and flavor of a beef-burger patty; combine heme with miso and fermented lentils, and then top with a carrot-based ketchup for a vegan burger that packs just as much flavor as the real thing.

2. Provide palate cleansers infused with brewed green and mint tea over shaved ice for a low-calorie fresh break between bites.

3. Another quick drink to offer is super shots with flax seeds, dark chocolate, and roasted beets or ginger for an immunity-boosting, no-crash energy boost.

4. Up the presentation by incorporating living plants and herbs in live-cooking demonstrations, so attendees see and know exactly what they're eating.