by Sarah JF Braley | September 24, 2019
The name of the research project was long - the "Association of Napping With Incident Cardiovascular Events in a Prospective Cohort Study" - but the upshot is short: For continued heart health, schedule one to two daytime snoozes a week. Published this month in the journal Heart, the three-year study of about 3,500 people between 35 and 75 years of age in Switzerland found those who took a couple of naps a week had a 48 percent lower chance of having a heart attack or a stroke. For those who take such interludes daily, there was no further benefit than for those who just napped occasionally. The American Heart Association recommends  taking naps around 3 p.m., in a quiet, cool spot, and keeping them to about 20 minutes so you don't fall too deeply asleep and then feel groggy afterward, and you're not too wide awake at bedtime. Dog optional.