February 15, 2018

How do you encourage a group to think outside the box? Cultivate an authentic atmosphere that encourages curiosity and imagination to flow freely - in a place that has a proven history of innovation and discovery. 

With that in mind, here are some ways that the character of a destination can inspire and motivate a group to greater achievement.

* Take it outside. Not only do outdoor activities resonate with attendees, but they affect many senses that indoor venues don't. The more senses you reach, the deeper and more meaningful the experience. "People remember only 15% of what they hear," says Dianne Devitt, author of What Color Is Your Event? "But the senses have over 85% recall." Look to destinations with reliably good weather and a large choice of outdoor venues.

* Feel the spirit. Being in a destination with an innovative and enterprising spirit gives attendees the feeling that something exciting is happening here. That feeling is contagious. For example, San Jose native and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak describes his hometown as "…a place where nothing is impossible." And you can tap into that limitless feeling to inspire your group. "Many companies that choose San Jose as the host city for their events draw inspiration from the city's creative and entrepreneurial spirit," adds Ken Slattery, VP of Sales and Destination Services for Team San Jose.

* Look to local founders, makers and doers. It's no problem getting accomplished guest speakers in a place that's known for success and achievement. "In San Jose, the 'Capital of Silicon Valley,' there's no shortage of influential experts that can enhance your event's message," says Kyle Schatzel, Communications Manager for Team San Jose. 



* Give your theme some local flavor. Themes like technology, imagination and inspiration are easier to demonstrate in a destination that reflects those qualities. When you choose a progressive destination, with a theme to match, you reinforce your group's message of innovation and creativity. When building your theme, look to the destination for relevant visuals and inspiration. Aligning off-venue activities with the theme will make it all the more memorable, too.

* Connect with high-tech. The latest and slickest technology will make the overall meeting experience that much richer. A destination that's immersed in the most imaginative tech tools - with a venue to match - enhances the event to a greater extent. "San Jose has the world's largest concentration of technology expertise and our recent renovation of the convention center set a new industry standard for sound and lighting," says Tim Foster, Director of Production Team San Jose. When your event is held there, that technology is close at hand. 


For more information on America's most futuristic city, San Jose, visit sanjose.org/meetings.