by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | August 01, 2008

If you were designing
a meeting planning
Olympics, what events
would you hold?

“Juggling. Meeting planners often have to multitask and juggle priorities while always staying on their toes.”

Erin Tench, CMM, CMP
Hyland Events
Washington, D.C.

“Bag stuffing. Each area would include X amount of totes or some other type of bag and insert materials -- literature, notepads, pens, lanyards, etc. Contestants would have to stuff their bags with the materials and then organize them in a pile at the finishing line. First one there gets the gold.”

Matt Asherman
Events Manager
Maxwell Systems Inc.
King of Prussia, Pa.

“I would design a competition for planning the best ‘green’ meeting as well as a competition for planning a successful event with the shortest lead time.”

Kim Bladen, CMP
Meeting Planner
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, N.J.