by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | August 01, 2008

CocktailNatalie Bovis-Nelsen, aka The Liquid Muse (, turns any bar from a thirst-quenching pit stop into the center of entertainment. Companies like Sutter Home and Remy Martin hire the mixologist to educate guests or concoct unique cocktails for special events.

Nelsen, who is publishing two cocktail recipe books this year, says, “I really try to emphasize that this is fun and to not be intimidated.” Recently, Nelsen devised four cocktails for a celebrity poker tournament at the Playboy Mansion (with names like Hold ’Em Highball and Remy Royal Flush). She also has been traveling around the country for Method Home, mixing drinks from her Sustainable Sips series, all made with organic ingredients and liquors.

Nelsen predicts the next big beverage trend will be nonalcoholic. One of her forthcoming books, titled Preggatinis, will feature all-virgin drinks for moms-to-be. “It keeps pregnant women or non-drinkers socializing with something besides a sparkling cider in their hand,” she adds.