by Sarah J.F. Braley | August 20, 2008



How have you saved money for your meetings this year?


“We got creative on F&B. Instead of offering an elaborate dessert, I asked hotels to create a cupcake fountain, where guests were able to decorate with toppings such as chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting, jimmies, nuts, M&Ms, etc. People got creative as well as competitive.”
Beth Cooper-Zobott
Director, Conference Services
Equity Residential

“Not only to save money, but to be more socially responsible, we are cutting back on bottled waters in favor of traditional pitchers of water on the meeting room table. Also, we have internal teleconference and videoconference services, so we try to use those as well.”
Mary Monaco
Meeting Planner
Shell Oil Co.

“A couple of our clients have cut their annual meetings from four days and three nights to three days and two nights and cut out some of the recreation. We’ve also worked with chefs to create menus on a budget. It’s amazing the creativity and value that can be seen when getting away from the standard banquet menus.”
Kelley Strong, CMP
Managing Director, Events
Czarnowski Display Service