by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | August 01, 2008


TRU Organic VodkaLush plantings. Not only are TRU Organic Vodka’s three flavors (lemon, vanilla and plain) made using earth-friendly methods and packaged in recycled materials, the company will plant a tree for every bottle purchased. $34.99 for a 750-ml bottle. (626) 771-9469;





TraviaTrivial pursuit. Travia, written by Nadine Godwin, editor at large at M&C’s sister publication Travel Weekly, offers fun and interesting tidbits to delight even the most seasoned jetsetters. $15.95. (336) 293-7255;






iZap sterilizing travel caseA brush with hygiene. Keep germs at bay with Violight’s new iZap sterilizing travel case for toothbrushes. $19.95 each. (888) 882-2367;



Kensington’s battery packPower to go. Don’t get stuck with a dead iPhone because you watched all three seasons of Lost on the flight. Charge up with Kensington’s battery pack, which adds three hours of talk time and six hours of video watching. Priced at $50. (800) 235-6708;





ZazzleMail ego. Emblazon mailings with stamps customized with a business logo or image of your choosing with Zazzle’s custom postage. Cost for a 20-stamp sheet of 42-cent stamps starts at $14.95. (888) 892-9953;







The Butler BagLost and found. Hate the frantic purse rummage for a wallet or ringing cellphone? The Butler Bag organizes all your essentials in open compartments for easy grabbing. $125 and up. (610) 356-6013;