by Kaylee Hultgren | June 01, 2008


How has earning
your CMP affected
your career?

“While the CMP designation does not define me, it does define my profession. Four years ago, after I earned my CMP, I noticed that it received some attention in job notices and promotional pieces within the industry. My employer at the time rewarded my achievement with a more professional title. As I look to expand my career, I find that having my CMP enables me to enjoy a higher level of recognition.”

Jane Matteson Mundell, CMP
Wise Incentives
San Diego

“Our association members are realtors, so they understand the importance of a designation. To them, the CMP demonstrates my commitment to my work, just as they are committed to their industry. Most importantly, the CMP has validated my confidence in my job and has provided a great network of other CMPs.”

Jodie Cady, CMP
Events Manager
Michigan Association of Realtors
Lansing, Mich.

“I don’t think I would have landed many of my Fortune 1000 clients without those three important letters after my name. You can bet I’ll be shooting for the Certificate of Meeting Management [CMM] designation next.”

Pierre H. Charmasson
Director of Meetings and Events
Professional Event Solutions
San Diego