by Hunter R. Slaton | May 01, 2008

illustrationPutting things off might be as American as apple pie, but when the procrastination simply must stop, try these tips from Kerul Kassel, author of Productive Procrastination (Echelon Press) and Stop Procrastinating Now (New Leaf Systems).

Embrace imperfections. Perfectionist tendencies inhibit your productivity. Accept yourself and your abilities, and keep moving.

Drop tired old goals. If you have desires that you’ve never been able to accomplish, consider dropping these goals, at least for the moment (and maybe forever).

Learn to say no. When you catch yourself pro-mising to take care of something, recognize your propensity for procrastination and be careful about committing.

Take it step by step. When your eyes are trained only on the finish line, it can seem really far away. If your focus is on the immediate next step, the entire project will feel less arduous.