by Tom Isler | April 01, 2008

BD Metrics’ exhibitor videos

Moving online:
BD Metrics’
exhibitor videos

Untold brainpower is being exerted these days trying to figure out how companies can capitalize on the online video revolution, and that includes the best and brightest in the meetings industry. It’s tricky, because the video world is so awash in distractions (skateboarding dog, anyone?).

Still, last summer, three different companies quietly launched video sites for planners, confident that rich media content will become as integral to planning as photos on the web are today. (a product of Chicago-based OnSite Events Inc.) and (from the eponymous Philadelphia-based meetings company) are platforms for venues to show off videos or virtual tours of their facilities. Each site has interactive elements -- blogs, forums, ways to contact sales reps -- but so far, the sites have been one-way conversations. Executives at both companies claim low early usage -- 100 registered planners at; 42,000 brochure views at -- is due to the fact that they haven’t orchestrated marketing blitzes yet and the amount of content on the sites is still limited.

Baltimore-based BDMetrics has taken a different tack, developing My-TradeshowNewsTV (, a service that turns event and exhibitor press releases into 90-second video spots, read by a news anchor and uploaded to the web. “The market is asking for it,” says Kim Suerth, director of media products. So far, the market for the company’s Text2Video service has comprised some of BDMetrics’ existing clients.