by Hunter R. Slaton | April 01, 2008

Delivered GrEAn logoNo matter how many name badges are recycled and paper handouts eliminated, a trade show or convention still is going to have some negative environmental impact for one basic reason: Nearly all of the exhibitor materials will have been brought to the show by carbon dioxide-spewing trucks. So how does one “green” something as essentially eco-unfriendly as freight?

Chicago shipping firm EA Logistics has an answer. Through its Delivered GrEAn program (, EA donates “carbon offset” monies to, which supports projects that reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, such as reforestation. The offsets are free, or at least, the program costs no more than regular EA shipping rates, according to the company, and clients receive receipts detailing how many metric tons of pollution were offset.

Another green freight company to consider is Seattle-based TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, which has a similar carbon offset program, TransNeutral (