by Lisa Grimaldi | March 01, 2008



What would be the ultimate incentive for you?



“No phones, no e-mails and lots of spa treatments in a beautiful locale like Tahiti, where there are fantastic ocean views, warm temperatures and no humidity.”

Ilene B. Reinhart, DMCP, CMP
ACCESS Destination Services
Long Beach, Calif.

“The Heritance Kandalama, a hotel at the foot of the northern slopes of Sri Lanka’s central hills. It offers rest and relaxation in an eco-friendly ancient village setting with plenty of history, culture, adventure and Mother Nature at its best. It is in close proximity to five UNESCO World Heritage sites, with ruins dating as far back as first century B.C.”

Harith Wickrema
Harith Productions Ltd.
Willow Grove, Pa.

“Tuscany. Late September. Rolling vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees. Distant sounds of laughter, splashes and the pock-pock of tennis balls. The warmth and stunning light of the setting sun. A complex glass of Brunello. A plate of crumbly parmigiano-reggiano. The imminent arrival at table of family and friends. An intriguing and absorbing book. A piano and a few guitars for later on.”

Padraic Gilligan
Partner and Director of Marketing
Ovation Group
Dublin, Ireland