by Sarah J.F. Braley | March 01, 2008

Risk Management for Meetings & EventsKnock wood, nothing will go wrong at your next meeting, but as the Scouts say, it’s best to be prepared. Special-event planner Julia Rutherford Silvers’ new book, Risk Management for Meetings and Events (, is a primer for the uninitiated as well as a terrific refresher for veteran planners. The tome begins with the basics, defining risk management and laying out tools and techniques to guide planners as they evaluate the overt and hidden chances of trouble in their meeting agendas. Covering legal and ethical responsibilities, loss prevention and security, attendee management, and much more, the 354-page book is a worthy addition to any meeting planner’s bookshelf.

Silvers, an industry consultant who frequently speaks on event management, also authored Professional Event Coordination (John Wiley). For more information, visit