by Sarah J.F. Braley | January 01, 2008



How do your personal tastes affect your F&B choices?



“I am a true believer that professional planners need to put aside their own tastes and put themselves in the place of the guest when choosing a menu. My taste was widely developed through culinary school and growing up in New York City, where I was exposed to many unusual foods at an early age.”

Rose Ann Howard
Director, Meetings & Events
Yum! Brands Inc.
Louisville, Ky.

“They affect my selections on the positive side only. That is, I choose things I love to eat and sound good to me when reviewing the menus. At the same time, I also choose items I know go over well and people love to eat -- but I personally do not like -- such as shrimp and seafood.”

Pat Benkner, CMP
Director of Event Planning
Edgell Communications
Randolph, N.J.

“F&B is one of my most difficult parts of meeting planning, because I like all kinds of foods and love to try new things. But I realize that I can’t always choose what I would really like to have. At some cocktail receptions I’ve been serving your basic hors d’oeuvres and adding a couple of different or ‘out there’ foods.”

Judy Joy
Grower Services & Event Planning
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.
Lakeville, Mass.