by Cheryl-Anne Sturken | December 01, 2007


If meeting planners
were superheroes,
what powers
they need to have?

“The ability to read minds or have some form of brain/behavior control over exhibitors and attendees would be a nice start.”

Jason Della Rocca
Executive Director
International Game Developers Association
Mt. Royal, N.J.

“An invisible shield and super speed. The shield would allow you to be seen only when necessary, and it would be really helpful when trying to accomplish one task while being bombarded with requests from others. Super speed, the power of getting from point A to B in under five seconds, would take customer service to a new level in the meetings and conventions industry.”

Lindsey Anderson
Exhibits Manager
National Athletic Trainers’ Association

“The power to see the future. That way you will know to have the meeting room set for the 250 attendees who show up, instead of just for the 150 who RSVP’d, and a backup speaker ready to fill in for the keynote who will break a leg skiing two days before the meeting.”

Sondra Lynnette Williams
Executive Assistant,
Membership Services Coordinator
American Benefits Council
Washington, D.C.