by Sarah J.F. Braley | October 01, 2007


What is your favorite tip
for greening a meeting?

“In keeping with the topic of our Sustainable Packaging Forum, I urge planners to provide recycling containers in meeting rooms. Sometimes a hotel will pick up the cost. Sell a sponsorship for the service and display signage near the containers. You can also buy containers with the sponsor’s logo on them.”

Karen Close
Conference Manager
Packaging Strategies
West Chester, Pa.

“I like to share with our attendees how our changes have reduced the conference’s carbon footprint. It makes people feel good about what has been done, and it is a proactive measure to alleviate any complaints due to a new process, like not serving bottled water.”

Michelle L. Safine, CMP, CMM
Director, Event Marketing
Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, Calif.

“When feeding large groups, if disposable
items are a must, try to use biodegradable products. They don’t cost any more and can be sourced with logos and messages. I also love generic signage that can be used year after year or be donated to local schools; they love that stuff!”

Erin Stahowiak
Senior Planner, Meetings and Events
Corporate Communications
McDonald’s Corp.
Oak Brook, Ill.