by Kaylee Hultgren | July 01, 2007


What is your
favorite way
to cut meeting costs?

“One method is to book our events far enough in advance to secure great hotel rates with minimal, if any, increases.”

Inge Hafkemeyer, CMM
Convention and Meeting Manager
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Kansas City, Mo.

“Secure long-term existing contracts with good vendors. We’ve done so with our audiovisual provider, decorator and photographer, and we’ve saved quite a bit over the years.”

Lora J. Di Padova-Tannehill, CMP
Director of Scientific Meetings
American Society of Neuroradiology
Oak Brook, Ill.

“Ask your hotel contact if there are florals on site that you can use rather than ordering them from a florist.”

Katie Moore
Senior Meeting Planner
Strategic Meeting Solutions Inc.
Marina del Rey, Calif.

“My current favorites are bundling and sending convention and meeting marketing materials with other periodicals -- we saved more than $20,000 per year that way -- recycling name badges and reusing signs for multiple meetings.”

Renee J. Lewis, CMP
Director, Publishing and Event Services
American Concrete Institute
Farmington Hills, Mich.