by Tom Isler | July 01, 2007

illustrationEating well on the road is practically a contradiction in terms. Harried travelers are either all too happy to get any food into their stomachs, or they reason that, when away from home, it “doesn’t count.” But Karen Hiser, owner of the Healthy Travel Network (, says it is possible to stay on track. Here are her tips:

Take it with you. “Avoid being trapped and hungry at the airport,” Hiser warns. Bring healthful snacks with you, such as homemade trail mix (sans candy), low-calorie granola bars or fruit.

Lighten up. Hiser asks for sauces and dressing on the side; steers clear of fried, sauteed or mayonnaise-based foods; and opts for low-fat milk with coffee.

Plan ahead. Research dining options in your destination, and check out nutrition facts available on some chain restaurants’ websites. “Make your selection before you get to the restaurant,” Hiser advises. “When ordering, don’t even open the menu, lest you be tempted to order something less nutritious.”