by Jonathan Vatner | May 01, 2007

Michael GreenMichael Green isn’t just a wine expert; he’s a master at theming wine events to corporate objectives. “While a lot of people do wine tastings, they completely miss a free opportunity to brand their event through the epicurean experience,” he says. “A lot of other wine educators want to talk about Pouilly-Fuisse or whatever. I don’t care what the wine is; all I care is that it supports their corporate goals.”

For example, a consulting company is planning a client event; to emphasize that the consultants are expert sleuths, accomplished sommeliers are hired to host a mystery wine tasting.

Here are some of Green’s other suggestions for branded wine events.

* If a company is focusing on emerging markets, try bringing in wine and food from emerging destinations.

* A women’s organization could meet at a woman-owned restaurant (or one presided over by a woman chef) and select wines made by women.

* A tech firm might appreciate exploring new technologies in winemaking, “of which, by the way, there are loads,” notes Green.

* For a company’s 25th anniversary, select vintages from 25 years ago, and pair them with foods and decor from that era.

* One of Green’s signature events is a night called Corks and Torts, which highlights wines that have been involved in high-profile litigation. Lawyers love that one. For more information: (212) 787-1055;