by Tom Isler | May 01, 2007

packing illustrationThink you can’t cram everything you’ll need for your next business trip into one carry-on bag? Wrong. Doug Dyment, creator of the indispensable online packing site, has turned legions of skeptics into believers. Here are a few of his tips.

Don’t fold. Most people pack clothes the way they find them in stores: individually folded and stacked. “If I had to pick the most ineffective, most damaging-to-clothes, least space-efficient way to pack, that would be it,” Dyment says. He advocates “bundle wrapping,” which saves space and cuts wrinkles, explained in detail on the site.

Buy smart. Create a wardrobe with items that can be mixed and matched, and bring versatile accessories that can change the appearance and utility of your outfits.

Lose the liquids. “They’re heavy, not very space efficient and prone to leakage,” says Dyment. Most toiletries have lighter, solid alternatives, such as J.R. Liggett’s Bar Shampoo (

Ditch the documents. Dyment saves space by carrying a laptop or data CDs instead of stacks of papers.