by Bryan Darrow | April 01, 2007


What kind of bag
do you
use for
short trips?

“I tend to use a small carry-on bag with wheels, because I never want to actually lift and carry any luggage. As for a brand, I buy the cheapest luggage available, because it always gets ruined from wear and tear. My current go-to bag has palm trees on it so I can pick it out from the crowd.”

Marjorie Risinger, CMP
Rosenberg & Risinger,
The Meeting Professionals
Culver City, Calif.

“Usually I take a rolling bag that is compact in nature so that I don’t have to check it. For me, it’s all about getting in and out of the airport as quickly as possible. Only problem is the new rule disallowing toiletries in a carry-on bag, which has forced me to change my routine a little bit and check the occasional bag.”

Michael McCurry, CMP
Account Executive
Chicago, Ill.

“Nine times out of 10, it’s just one of your little basic 24-inch wheelie bags. Nowadays you have to check it, but I’ll typically take one of those as well as an oversized carry-on purse, which is where I’ll store all my critical items. The smaller the better, and never black.”

Sharon D. DelaBarre, CMP
DelaBarre & Associates Inc.
Sequim, Wash.