by Jonathan Vatner | April 01, 2007

M&CFifteen years ago, M&C profiled Mary Margaret Meyer, of Silver Spring, Md.-based M3 Conference Management, as an example of an independent meeting planner who thrived in a down economy.

Since then, her life has become even happier -- though her job description has included a lot more diapers. A year after the article came out, she met her future husband. They tied the knot in 1994 (which changed her last name to Hathway), and since then the couple has had six children. Hathway still runs M3 but now part-time from home, with just one client.

“Before, I did it in order to make a living,” she says. “Now I do it because it’s fun and like a vacation. I work because I want to, not because I have to. It’s been really good, because I can be a mom and do things with the kids, and still be a meeting planner.”

Hathway’s only too happy to travel on-site for conferences -- and it doesn’t hurt that they’re often held at luxury resorts. “When you have six kids and you leave them for five days, it’s a break,” she notes.